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ED – impossibility of creating and support of natural erection.

Term impotency appeared from the Latin word, which meaning is “weakness” – it is impossibility of creating and support of natural erection, and as the result – it is impossible to have normal sex action. Since 1992, all over the world appeared new term, which means such kind of situation from the medical point of view – “erectile dysfunction”. Word “impotency” became rare and it use only in daily discussing of problems. This pathological condition appeared in the life of millions men all over the world and year after year number of them gowns up. ED (erectile dysfunction) appearance can break life, but if you will find the right decision, this problem will be gone.
People think that ED is a problem of someone in old age – it is not true, because weak erection could be appeared at the life of different age groups. Bad ecology, stress and other reasons makes ED popular problem in young age. Modern statistic tells us that common ED appeared at the age group from 35 till 70 years. About 52 percents of this group even once had some problems in the sphere of sexual activities.

All reasons of impotency

All reasons has were divided for two big groups. They are:
– organic;
– healthy;
– psychological.
Organic based on some processes, which even were into the body of patient, but after some interventions they were changed into other way. It could happen after some past illnesses or other reasons, which changed any process and stayed for a long time.
Health situation based on some disease, which were appeared sudden or the man was born with them. Sometimes age could be included to the list of health problems with ED, because after some age starts processes, which leads to the changes into the health of a man.
The last one is psychological impotency. It is common at the group of a young man, because it has no connection to the physical part of problem. It happened after some cases, when appeared bad emotions which relate sexual life with daily life. In other cases it could appear because of the stress. Modern life requires activity, but it is so hard to fill in up all parts of our life. As the result, sexual activity became gone, because there are no way and stamina to have excitation because your mind and body are so tired. Sometimes it appeared because of spoiled relationships or some bad sexual experience – in this case it is important to mix medicament support with visiting of psychologist or just use someone to listen your complain about life.

Result is always predictable – bad mood and no power, because the main reaction of our body to the situation when he has no exit to release sexual energy is apathy. During this condition it is very hard to change anything because you mental side is so much depressed that there is no way, except using of pharmacy support. It helps to destroy mental problems, and makes your body believe that everything is alright. As the result – your sexual life can be normalized in a few days. The main rule – it is important to use help, because without it your condition will be getting worst.


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